I was thinking about compassion, or loving-kindness meditations this weekend. Research shows that practicing this type of meditation, whether directed towards others, self, or both, can do all sorts of amazing things – increase wellbeing, decrease migraines, even increase gray matter volume in the brain. You can find all sorts of resources and practices with a quick search.
Many of you will find being compassionate towards other people, at least people you know and care about, much easier than towards yourself. I know I do – I am big-time tough on me, and this type of practice felt strange at first (I’m getting better). Yet I know how sad I feel when I witness clients being so hard on themselves about the way they manage their surroundings. Negativity can be captivatingly easy, and in my experience has never helped anyone to be consistently successful. So I modified the loving-kindness meditation idea a bit, and created one specific to bringing more organization into life. You can use either “you”, or “I”, in the statements, or repeat once with each.
Here goes:
Find yourself a quiet spot, settle into a comfortable position (even laying down is fine), and take a few breaths in and out of the nose. You could either pre-record the following statements, or read them to yourself. Take your time in between the statements, and maybe a little time at the end.
May you (I) have order.
May you (I) have peace in your (my) space.
May you be free from the excess that weighs you down.
May you let go.
May you know when it’s good to say, “No.”
May the stuff that you keep support you.
May you think before you take.
May you experience confidence in your decisions.
May you not have to rush.
May you understand what’s important.
May you care for what’s important.
May you have order.
How did that feel? Calming, uncomfortable, weird, self-indulgent? Maybe you got sleepy? I think all of that is ok. If you give it a shot for a few days, I’d love to know what you think, or what you notice.
And from me, may you be well.
Growth mindset
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