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What types of projects does SkillSet Coaching & Organizing handle?

  • Coaching for ADD/ADHD, organizing, productivity, and time management
  • Organizing for spaces in homes and businesses 
  • Organizing following or preceding major life events
  • Speaking and workshops

I work primarily with adults with ADD/ADHD, but also creatives, entrepreneurs, or any individuals with curiosity and a desire to learn about the stuff behind their stuff, and uncover their inner organizer. 

I need a speaker for our upcoming retreat/meeting/lunch-and-learn. What sorts of topics can you cover?

My prior speaking engagements have covered general office and home organization, productivity, paperwork and files, email and digital clutter, Evernote, and time management.  I can meet with you prior to a presentation to get a good feel for your group’s needs and interests, and customize a presentation just for you.  I can also set up webinars for groups that need to meet from a distance. 

What happens during my free Initial Consultation Call?

First we schedule a convenient time for you to talk with me about your goals and challenges – we can do it via phone or Zoom.  I’ll ask questions about your situation, what works well for you vs. what doesn’t, size and/or scope, and what your greatest frustrations with space or time are.  We’ll decide together if my company can help you meet your goals, and I’ll suggest the next appropriate steps.  The whole process is confidential, low-key, and friendly, and will take roughly 30-45 minutes.

Do you do all of the work in a hands-on project, or do I help you?

It’s really important to me that we work on projects together so that you can begin to learn basic organizing principles that you can transfer to other areas of your home, business and life.  It’s also much more effective if you are personally invested in the process, and the work moves faster.  Finally, working together gives you the final say on how your “stuff” is sorted and placed.

How do the coaching services work?

Coaching differs from in person, hands-on organizing services in that it involves a co-created partnership between coach and client. Rather than serving as the organizing “expert”, I work with clients through a process of active listening, discovery, and creative discussion to determine specific actions for their organizing and time management challenges. Ideal for clients diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, coaching also works well for any individual who is curious about changing patterns that no longer serve them. Coaching is also particularly effective as a follow-up to the hands-on home or business organizing services. Once we determine that coaching is a good fit for you, we schedule a series of 1-hour calls or Zoom sessions at your convenience.

How long will my organizing project take?

Although I can give general estimates, it is often difficult to predict just how long a project will take.  Many factors – size of space, types of items, length of time in a state of disorganization, how you make decisions, what we find when we uncover hidden boxes or drawers, etc. – can radically change the course of an organizing process. 

I schedule hands-on sessions in 3-hour blocks of time, and virtual sessions in 2-hour blocks.  I’ve found those timeframes to be most effective in making significant progress, while minimizing client burnout as we work.  Once we have been through the first session together, I can more accurately predict how much more time will be needed going forward.  And remember, while the project may take several sessions of concentrated organizing on the front end, the goal is to have a space that is relatively easy to keep maintained going forward, saving you time and money in the long run.

What do I need to do before we begin?

There is no need to change anything about your spaces…or yourself – it’s better for me to see exactly where we need to start.  It’s a good idea for you to get a good night’s rest and dress comfortably for organizing sessions.  It’s also important to limit distractions (phone, email, etc.) during our time so that you get the most for your investment.   Don’t go shopping for bins, files, or containers – for in person sessions I’ll bring boxes and some basic supplies to get started, and we can make decisions about the need for purchasing other organizing supplies as we go along.

I’m embarrassed about my challenges! What are you going to think? Will our sessions be confidential? 

ABSOLUTELY.  Passing judgment is not the name of the game for me, so please be assured that I’m only looking at your spaces with an eye to solve challenges (not criticize!). We’re in the process together, and we’ll take it at your pace and comfort level. Confidentiality is critical in the process of building trust in our work together.  You can rest assured that no information (family, business, or otherwise) from your project or coaching calls will be shared with anyone else. 

Will you make me throw everything out?

No – in fact we may just uncover some items you had been missing or forgotten about that we can use or re-purpose to save you money.  That being said, we will discuss the need for certain items, their continued usefulness, their meaning to you, and whether or not there is sufficient space to keep them.  Lightening the load is encouraged, but you retain all final decision-making authority. This is about you intuitively finding the right level of order to live your best life.

Is SkillSet Organizing licensed, bonded and insured?

A Professional Organizer is not required to be licensed or bonded, but I am a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, the recognized and reliable professional association whose members adhere to a code of ethics when conducting business.  As a Certified Professional Organizer®, I adhere to the BCPO Code of Ethics. Additionally, SkillSet Organizing is insured, and I am happy to provide references upon request.

What’s the best way for me to find a professional organizer in my area?

I hope you’ll call me!  But you can also find excellent information, resources and access to professional organizers through the following websites: